Monday, March 31, 2008

We took a...

This weekend, we all headed to Marietta to see my parents and my brother and sister-in-law. Of course we took Maybel with us too. Pretty soon, we won't be able to take her on trips with us because we don't have a car that will hold all of us. It was very apparent just how big she is getting once we saw her up next to my parent's beagle, Dubs. Josh and Kaitlin (bro and sis-in-law) have a dog (Moseley) too who is probably about a month younger than Maybel. Needless to say, it was a crazy weekend with three dogs in the house. But they all had fun together!

We technically went to also celebrate my birthday which is in a couple of weeks. Mom made a strawberry cake, which is one of my favorites and we went to probably one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Pappasito's. They have the best everything! This time, Justin and I split the Fajitas so we could also have some of the queso :) Pappasito's is a Tenery family favorite - we eat there mainly because we love Mexican food, but this is good ole Tex Mex which takes us back to our Texas days. We usually go every time we make a trip down there.

On Saturday, we got up and actually got out pretty early, for us. We went to eat breakfast at an Atlanta based restaurant that my parents have found and really like called J. Christopher's. Are you seeing a theme? We Tenery's like to eat, a lot :) For you Nashvilians, there's one in Cool Springs now - it was really good and you should check it out. Then we took our first trip to Trader Joe's. This is a really cool grocery store that my brother Luke and his girlfriend Jill told us about that they have in Chicago. They have a lot of Trader Joe's brand foods that are all really good and very reasonably priced. Actually, everything there is reasonably priced. That's one of the major draws of the store. And if you know my dad (DT to many of you) you know that he LOVES a good deal and he thinks it's even better if the product is good and most of the stuff there is. Update: I just heard on the news this morning that Nashville is getting a Trader Joes!!! It is going into the old Wild Oats in Green Hills. I'm totally pumped and I'll keep you updated when I hear it is opening.

Other than those two outings, we didn't do much else. We always enjoy our time at home because it's usually pretty laid back. Justin doesn't like it much when I say that we are going "home to Atlanta" because he thinks that it isn't home anymore - our home is here in Nashville, together. But I disagree, Marietta/Atlanta will always be home to me cause thats where my parents are, but of course my home is with Justin too. Any thoughts?

We're back in Nashville though and I am just posting tonight b/c it's been a crazy busy week (I'm getting ready for TCAP at school, more on that later...) and b/c our friends, who shall remain nameless, just called and hounded us about updating our blog :) I promise I did start this on Monday, I just never finished. Sorry there aren't more pics. - we only took a few of all the dogs playing together, but I'm too lazy to upload them. Sorry, maybe I'll do that later. Hope you are all well and hopefully we'll post again sooner rather than later.

Monday, March 17, 2008