Thursday, December 3, 2009

That's what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown

I love this time of year! Really, who doesn't? You'd have to be a serious kind of "Scrooge" to not get a little warm in the heart when you see pretty lights while driving at night or hear a well-known Christmas song on the radio. Even if the Christmas season doesn't do much for you, you can't help but ignore the buzz that seems to be everywhere because of it. I was actually reading someone else's blog (like most of you because you certainly haven't been reading ours...because we don't post) and I happened upon this clip and remembered how much I loved it and that he quotes one of the best stories/verses in the Bible. It's also one more thing that helps me remember the true meaning for the "buzz" that is everywhere these days. I love gifts as much as the next girl, but more than that I truly love what the real reason for the season is and that's that a sweet baby boy was born a long time ago fulfilling one of God's many promises! Just a reminder to myself that I am blessed because of His love and grace.
I pray that you and yours may feel the buzz that is the reason for the season!