Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Welcome Back

I am sorry for the lack of updates on the old blog here. You would think for someone who is home all day, I would have time to update. Truth be told, I have had the time, I just haven't made it to the blog yet. Facebook and Twitter can be so addictive! But, today is a special occasion....we have a tree limb in our yard!

And its not just any tree limb, its big!

No, not that one, the one in the it is.

When I first saw this this morning, I thought the back of the barn would be smashed up.
But the limb it being held up by a small dog pen and a clothesline pole. Of all the places for the limb to land, it picked a good one.

In other news, I am writing this post on our new Macbook! Yes, we took the plunge, and I am extremely happy with it so far. After the rebates and stuff, we got an amazing deal on a new laptop and a wireless printer.

I am also EXTREMELY excited for this movie to come out.