Monday, July 9, 2012

Harper and Maybel

Sweet Maybel girl...she is our first baby.  It really is ridiculous how much we love this dog, even with all the grief she puts us through sometimes.  We have so looked forward to the day that Maybel would have a sibling around here and couldn't wait to see how she would react.  She has been great since Harper joined our family.  The first day we brought Harper home, Maybel didn't know what was going on and did act out a little bit by getting some of Harper's toys and using them as her own.  That didn't last long though.  She quickly realized Harper wasn't going anywhere and even got used to her crying.  Maybel is so sweet with Harper too.  Yes, we let her lick the baby and now that Harper knows what is going on, she thinks it is hilarious!  I actually had a tough time at first because I felt like Maybel was being neglected - we were so used to loving on her all the time and now there was a baby that was getting all of our attention.  Yes, I know, it's a little over the top, but that is how crazy we are about this dog!  All in all she has adjusted very well and has even chilled out a bit.  She is much less likely to roam from her yard now (i think she knows, I can't come chase her when I'm home by myself with the baby) and is just over all more laid back.  I think she and Harper are going to have even more fun together once Harper can play with her.

One of their first pictures together, it's as if Maybel is saying, "What is that thing and how come it gets to be on the couch?"

Justin wanted to make them friends whether Maybel was interested or not in the early days

Harper checking Maybel out

Maybel making sure she's not left out on any fun we might be having, she often plops herself down right in the middle of whatever we're doing on the floor

Maybel joining in a little photo session - Harper loved it!

Check out this video too of them together - music to our ears!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life with Harper - Month 5

This has been such a fun month!  Harper is growing so much (I know I've said it before, but she just changes so much so fast!)  I love her so much and I'm glad we made it through the newborn phase, but this is what I've been waiting for, learning her personality and getting to see the little person she is growing up to be.

I love these cuddle bug times and never want to forget what this feels like...nothing like it.

And smiles with mama too, I have to get in some of the pictures to remember that I was here for all of it :)

GeGe and Pop came up to visit one night cause they needed a Harper fix...although somehow we didn't get any pictures of GeGe, sorry!

Zerberts from Pop

Justin is such a good daddy and is on bath and pj duty most nights.  It's his and Harper's time together.  I had to get a pic in these pi's because they are so darn cute!  White with yellow polka dots - adorable.  I'm debating looking for them in every size so she never grows out of them ;)

Just some play time on the mat in a cute onesie I love

Enter...Sophie the Giraffe!  I had never heard about her until I was pregnant, but apparently, we HAD to have one.  She is the IT toy right now and Harper really does love her.  Seriously holds her hands out for her when I show it to her.  She can chew and suck on this thing forever.  Ours was a gift and let's just say, we don't ever want to lose her, because I'm not sure we would buy another one.  Some might die when they heard how much this simple squeaky toy actually costs.  But we love her and just might have to break down for it if we ever did lose her.

Justin's 1st Father's Day

Pop with all his kids and grandkids


Life with Harper - Month 4

Update: LOTS happened this month, don't know what happened, but I got mixed up with my pictures/events/ are some updates and changes

Nothing real big happened this month, but there were definitely some things that I just don't want to forget and are worth recording.  Harper gets more and more fun every day and this month has been just that, fun!

Spending a lot of time on the activity mat - Harper is very content to just play with the hanging toys, until she gets tired

First plane trip to Chicago for Ruthie's 1st birthday
Harper did great on the plane on the way there and back.  Daddy was nervous, but me and Harper knew it would be fine :)

Granddaddy and Hon were there too and loved having 2 grand babies in the same place at the same time

Ruthie turns 1!

With the birthday girl

Sweet Cousins

A few days after we got back from Chicago, Harper decided she was ready to roll over!  Tummy to back first and then back to tummy a few days later.
"What's the big deal, mom?"

Been sitting up a lot more this month and really getting the hang of the bumbo

Moey came to babysit and of course, had some fun with the camera :)

Daddy took Harper and Maybel for a walk and thought she needed her sunglasses that the Easter bunny brought :)  You think a baby can't get any cuter and then you sunglasses on them...

My first Mother's day with Harper.  Still can't believe I'm a mom sometimes...

Mother's Day in Columbia with GeGe and Aunt Danielle

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Life with Harper - Month 3

Month 3 with Harper was a big one.  Lots happened along with just settling into life with a baby.  We got out more and just got more used to her being a part of our life.  It was great.  We started doing more of the things we did before she was here, just with her now.  Yes, that included shopping for me and eating out for all of us :)

First trip to Sam's just me and her - this was a big deal!

Still sleeping on her tummy - had to get a picture of that little butt in the air, so cute.

Yay for spring and sunshine!

We made a our second trip to GA for Gracyn's birthday. Can't believe she is already 1!

Sweet cousins

Sweet Cousin Jane Claire is here!  We went to see her the day she was born.

Big Brother Crosby with his new sister

Jane Claire and Harper's first picture together, such sweet cousins get to grow up together.  Harper has 3 girl cousins all born within a year of her, so blessed to see them all grow up together.

Harper's first Easter - it was a beautiful day!

First visit from the Easter Bunny

The Lipscomb family cousins

Our little Easter Bunny :)

This was one of our first pictures with our new camera!  It was my big birthday present this year and we're already making great use of it.  We also had to get a picture of Harper's "sleepy hands."  This is her tell of when she's getting sleepy, she holds her hands together, so cute.

I turned the big 30 this month too.  We celebrated with the Farmers at The Melting Pot.  It was delicious and a great night out.  Harper stayed with GeGe and Pop and she did great!

 A video of Harper in her new toy, she loves to bounce!