Tuesday, October 25, 2011

28 weeks

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shaving like a grandfather

With the little one arriving in just 3 months now (3 MONTHS!) I will soon be outnumbered by ladies in this house 3 to 1. Maybel may not act like a lady, but she is a lady nonetheless. In an effort to increase the amount of testosterone in the house, some changes had to be made.

I have been reading a lot of blogs and websites, and talked to friends who have changed the way they have been shaving, so I decided to try shaving with a safety razor. After some research, I settled on a Gillette Super Adjustable razor. I found that on ebay, and it was made in 1974.

First shave was on Thursday, and it was very enjoyable. I actually enjoyed shaving! For the first time in my life, I can say that.

I set the first shave to music, and it synced up nicely with Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. If it's good enough for the Wizard of Oz, it's good enough for me.

Now if I can just find a honeybadger hair shaving brush.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I think I just felt my first gray hair sprout

Justin here. Katie and I are going to be parents in January, and we finally got to find out what we are having last week. We had to tell some family over the weekend, and now that we have told them, we can tell everyone else.

It is a little girl! Katie and I were sure it was a boy, but we were both surprised to see a pink blanket when we opened our surprise.
Katie had taken our pictures to Pottery Barn and they were able to see what it was, and she had them gift wrap a pink or blue blanket, based on the gender. Katie met me for lunch later that day, and we opened the box. I would post that video, but Katie doesn't like the sound of her voice on video.

We will be blogging A LOT more (obviously) because of baby girl, so stay tuned for updates.