Sunday, June 29, 2008

$39,492 and some change.....

Katie and I just became debt-free over the weekend. And I must tell you, it feels AMAZING! We started paying off the loans about a year ago and through our income, our stimulus check, tax refunds and some very amazing family members and gifts it is done!

With my job change we were a little worried about the progress we had made. We spent a lot time talking to our family about what we should do, and a lot of time in prayer. And God provided a way for us to be free from our concerns.

In other news, Katie is away at church camp this week as a counselor. So, its just a boy and his dog for the next few days. I have been thinking about this music video lately, not sure why. It fits this week in a way, pretty much the only way is that Jake and Maybel are both Labs.

Stay tuned for more news about my week without the wife.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Time for another Maybel post...

It has been a while since I've posted, period, so I felt like it was time to post and time to update you a little on what Maybel has been up to. As you can tell, she has definitely been growing! She keeps getting bigger and bigger and even seems to be catching up with her boyfriend, Maverick. As you can see, she has been playing with Maverick a lot this summer. They love playing outside together in Maverick's yard, since Maybel doesn't have one yet for him to come play in. They also got to cool off a little in a nearby creek and both loved it! They would run and chase after each other and sticks that Justin and Blake would throw for them. It really was so funny to watch them in the water - they couldn't get enough and both would just run right through it as though they were in the grass. They would even put their whole head in the water to try to find a stick they were going after. They were definitely stinky afterwards (and Maybel even hurt her toe) but they had a blast!

Maybel and I have been getting to spend some quality time together since school has been out for me. We usually try to walk in the morning before it gets too unbearably hot, but even by 8 am it is usually pretty rough on both of us. She has also been shedding, A LOT!!! I've heard that she isn't suppossed to shed more during a certain season or time of year, but I really think she is shedding more than she was when it was cooler. I mean, it is everywhere! The picture above is from ONE brushing out of 3 that I did that day. I had probably the same amount after each brushing too. It just keeps coming. I can't imagine how hot she must be with all that hair.

Maybel is generally a very sweet natured dog and really does not do much, but sleep and play whenever we get her going. But lately she has become a little mischevious. Just the other morning, I was watching T.V. and she walked into the guest room where she doesn't usually go unless one of us is in there. She didn't come right back out and I hadn't really heard her do anything, but I was wondering what she was doing in there so I got up to go check out the situation...I looked around and didn't see her, thinking she must have gone to lay in the bathroom (she likes our bathroom rugs for some reason), but I happened to glance over and the little goober had jumped up on the bed and made herself comfy right in the middle of it! I couldn't believe it! I wouldn't have been so surprised, but she really does not jump up on things very often. We are still trying to get her to jump up on her own into the truck so I was really shocked, especially b/c she has never been up on the bed or been allowed to be either. What a mess! She also decided to chew up a Diet Coke box that was left out on the deck along with her while she was drying off from a bath. I guess she got bored and didn't like being out there by herself, so, she found the nearest thing to keep her occupied. I guess maybe she is getting bored just hanging out with me so she is looking for things to bring a little excitement to our time together. Oh well, at least she hasn't done any permanent damage and you can't help but love her when she looks at you with those sweet eyes :) We sure do love that dog and love seeing what she might do that is new and entertaining.

We've been busy already this summer and have several blog posts coming, so stay tuned...