Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and Shout out to DT!

So, I've never been a huge fan of Thanksgiving, except for loving all of my mom's food and seeing and spending time with family, but for most of my life, Christmas has ranked higher in the world of favorite holidays (I mean good food, family, AND presents, why wouldn't it rank higher??).  For several years now, my sweet dad has always said that Thanksgiving was his favorite and that Christmas had become too commercialized and people had lost sight of the true Reason for the Season.  Honestly, I chocked it up to him being older and wiser and not caring as much about presents anymore.  Pretty foolish, I know.  Well for some reason, today it hit me.  Probably because of the "Fax of Life" e-mail that Dad forwarded to all of us kids and kids-in-law today, which he does sometimes when he feels it is a particularly good thought that he wants us to think about (Fax of Life is an e-mail newsletter/thought for the day kind of thing that he subscribes to, usually pertaining in some way to religious beliefs).  It's these little things, personalized with his own little message to all of us that really show me what a wonderful man my dad is and his heart for God that makes me so blessed and thankful that I've had him as an example to lead me all of my life.  

The gist of the "Fax" today was that the Thanksgiving holiday has luckily remained just that, a day of giving thanks for all of the blessings that we have been so lucky to receive.  Even when the next day is all about finding the best deals and starts the Christmas rush and when gift giving can get lost in the shuffle of gift getting (in my case anyway), the fourth Thursday in November is always set aside for us to stop and give thanks for everything we have and to enjoy the blessings of family and food especially, not to mention, tons of it!

So, this is me, taking the time to think more about what a great holiday Thanksgiving is and to mention to all of those that do and don't know my dad, that he is pretty awesome and that I understand a little more now why he loves this day more than any other holiday.  If you're reading DT, I love you more than I tell you and I am so thankful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and I pray that you all are blessed and thankful for the food and family you will enjoy wherever you are!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

We're buying a house!

Here it is! <--(click it, or you can see it on Realtracs MLS # 999703)

Let us know what you think! we'd love to have everyone over for a house-warming party very soon!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm convinced God has a great sense of humor

And he is laughing at me. This morning Rusty and I were passing out free breakfast at a local apartment complex. We were there to get some names and numbers to possibly quote renters insurance and other things.

One lady drives up in some Vanderbilt Medical scrubs. We started talking and I asked her if she would like some breakfast (Otis Spunkmeyer muffin and a juice box) and she said:

Lady: "No, I can't eat or I will fall asleep at work."
Me: "Well, we can't have that. You need to stay awake so you can be a good nurse."
Lady: "Actually, I'm a doctor."

I also got a mother's name and as she was driving off I said "Have a good day Tiffany" and her name was Kimberly.

I could also tell you the story of me rear-ending a lawyer, and also rear-ending a police officer...but I think you get the picture. There's also the father-daughter dance at Katie and I's wedding, but again, you get the point.

On a serious note, please continue to keep my sweet sister in your prayers. She's still at Baptist Hospital, being observed on medicine. Hopefully she can stay as long as possible, and keep that baby in her belly!