Monday, July 9, 2012

Harper and Maybel

Sweet Maybel girl...she is our first baby.  It really is ridiculous how much we love this dog, even with all the grief she puts us through sometimes.  We have so looked forward to the day that Maybel would have a sibling around here and couldn't wait to see how she would react.  She has been great since Harper joined our family.  The first day we brought Harper home, Maybel didn't know what was going on and did act out a little bit by getting some of Harper's toys and using them as her own.  That didn't last long though.  She quickly realized Harper wasn't going anywhere and even got used to her crying.  Maybel is so sweet with Harper too.  Yes, we let her lick the baby and now that Harper knows what is going on, she thinks it is hilarious!  I actually had a tough time at first because I felt like Maybel was being neglected - we were so used to loving on her all the time and now there was a baby that was getting all of our attention.  Yes, I know, it's a little over the top, but that is how crazy we are about this dog!  All in all she has adjusted very well and has even chilled out a bit.  She is much less likely to roam from her yard now (i think she knows, I can't come chase her when I'm home by myself with the baby) and is just over all more laid back.  I think she and Harper are going to have even more fun together once Harper can play with her.

One of their first pictures together, it's as if Maybel is saying, "What is that thing and how come it gets to be on the couch?"

Justin wanted to make them friends whether Maybel was interested or not in the early days

Harper checking Maybel out

Maybel making sure she's not left out on any fun we might be having, she often plops herself down right in the middle of whatever we're doing on the floor

Maybel joining in a little photo session - Harper loved it!

Check out this video too of them together - music to our ears!


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  1. Loving all of the posts of my sweet niece!! She is such a doll baby!! I think it runs in the family or something! ;-) And I am looking at the actual blog this time and see the new background. Let me guess...Moriah had something to do with the new look. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! And maybe a little jealous... ;-) Can't wait for BEACH pics. Have fun!