Saturday, July 7, 2012

Life with Harper - Month 3

Month 3 with Harper was a big one.  Lots happened along with just settling into life with a baby.  We got out more and just got more used to her being a part of our life.  It was great.  We started doing more of the things we did before she was here, just with her now.  Yes, that included shopping for me and eating out for all of us :)

First trip to Sam's just me and her - this was a big deal!

Still sleeping on her tummy - had to get a picture of that little butt in the air, so cute.

Yay for spring and sunshine!

We made a our second trip to GA for Gracyn's birthday. Can't believe she is already 1!

Sweet cousins

Sweet Cousin Jane Claire is here!  We went to see her the day she was born.

Big Brother Crosby with his new sister

Jane Claire and Harper's first picture together, such sweet cousins get to grow up together.  Harper has 3 girl cousins all born within a year of her, so blessed to see them all grow up together.

Harper's first Easter - it was a beautiful day!

First visit from the Easter Bunny

The Lipscomb family cousins

Our little Easter Bunny :)

This was one of our first pictures with our new camera!  It was my big birthday present this year and we're already making great use of it.  We also had to get a picture of Harper's "sleepy hands."  This is her tell of when she's getting sleepy, she holds her hands together, so cute.

I turned the big 30 this month too.  We celebrated with the Farmers at The Melting Pot.  It was delicious and a great night out.  Harper stayed with GeGe and Pop and she did great!

 A video of Harper in her new toy, she loves to bounce!

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