Sunday, July 8, 2012

Life with Harper - Month 4

Update: LOTS happened this month, don't know what happened, but I got mixed up with my pictures/events/ are some updates and changes

Nothing real big happened this month, but there were definitely some things that I just don't want to forget and are worth recording.  Harper gets more and more fun every day and this month has been just that, fun!

Spending a lot of time on the activity mat - Harper is very content to just play with the hanging toys, until she gets tired

First plane trip to Chicago for Ruthie's 1st birthday
Harper did great on the plane on the way there and back.  Daddy was nervous, but me and Harper knew it would be fine :)

Granddaddy and Hon were there too and loved having 2 grand babies in the same place at the same time

Ruthie turns 1!

With the birthday girl

Sweet Cousins

A few days after we got back from Chicago, Harper decided she was ready to roll over!  Tummy to back first and then back to tummy a few days later.
"What's the big deal, mom?"

Been sitting up a lot more this month and really getting the hang of the bumbo

Moey came to babysit and of course, had some fun with the camera :)

Daddy took Harper and Maybel for a walk and thought she needed her sunglasses that the Easter bunny brought :)  You think a baby can't get any cuter and then you sunglasses on them...

My first Mother's day with Harper.  Still can't believe I'm a mom sometimes...

Mother's Day in Columbia with GeGe and Aunt Danielle

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